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General Curriculum

The General Curriculum offers a wide and multifaceted range of courses in ten fields: English, Information Processing, Health and Lifestyle, International Understanding and Languages, Human Inquiry and Expression, Understanding Contemporary Society, Science, Technology, and the Environment, as well as Omnibus Courses, Vocation and Internship courses, and Courses for Overseas Students. With classes consisting of a relatively small number of students, the education offered by Siebold University places special emphasis on developing students' essential abilities in such arts as foreign language skills and information processing. The contents of all courses offered are designed to foster a capacity for comprehensive thinking and judgment.

Courses Related to Teacher Certification

Contemporary Teaching, Principles of Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology and Systems, Laws in Education,
Education Process Theory, Curriculum Education Guidance Methods, Moral Education Guidance Theory, Special Activity Guidance Theory, Methods and Skills in Education, Student Guidance, Educational Counseling and Conferencing, General Seminars Leading to Certification, Practice Teaching, Other.